In our busy world today, the concept of community has almost been lost. People have lots of acquaintances, but not many close friends. That’s the reason Adult LifeGroups are so important. They help growing Christians connect with other growing Christians. Friendships are fundamental. Transformations never take place in isolation. It’s by God’s design that we are meant to grow spiritually through our relationships with others. Christian fellowship and community is one way God prepares us for Christ-like living.

Do you want to be a better witness for God, or mate to your spouse, or parent to your children? Our Bible-centered, life-enriching studies and activities will not only give you a firm foundation for life, they will help transform you into that pillar of love and support that others in your life will need to lean on. And you’ll be surrounded by others like yourself who learn and laugh, and love.

LifeWay hosts many different Adult Life Groups and community outreach events throughout the year. Whether you are a young married couple, a parent with small kids or teens, or a new found empty nester there is a place for you. Adult Ministry at LifeWay exists to help people connect with God, each other, ministry, and the world.

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