What are life groups?

Life Groups are LifeWay’s groups that meet together each week to grow, learn, have fun and build healthy relationships. We have three semesters of groups each year. Groups begin each February, June & September.

Why signup for a life group?

CONNECTING WITH OTHERS: Your life group will be a great way to meet new people and to build friendships that can last for a life time. GROWING TOGETHER: Life Groups provide you with practical and insightful content and discussion that help you experience real spiritual, emotional, professional and intellectual growth. FUN: Many people do not spend enough time playing. Your group will “play” together at least once this semester.

How to Sign up for a life group?

You can sign up for a group now in just one easy step by checking the appropriate box or boxes below next to the group or groups of your choice; Fill in your name and best means of contacting you. That’s it…you will be registered. You can also sign up by calling the church office at: 407.330.0549. We’ve also added another convenient way to signup and get your book all at once. A Book Station is available during the Signup Period each Semester to Purchase Your Book ahead of time and Signup all at once.


Current Semester LifeGroups