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Will I be Welcome at LifeWay?2013-04-26T23:30:14-04:00

We welcome ANYONE, from ANY walk of life and in ANY stage of life to join our fellowship.  Yes, that means you!!


Is there Childcare during the service?2013-04-26T23:29:34-04:00

Your children will love LifeWay Church! We provide fun, hands-on Bible lessons and activities every Sunday morning designed especially to help them learn the truths of the Bible. We also provide a safe, cozy nursery for infants through pre-school. Our children’s ministry leaders are parents just like you who value every child and treat them with the utmost care and attention.

One of the greatest concerns of young parents in looking for a church is quality of child care. We understand this concern & have done everything possible to calm your parental fears.  We can promise a safe, fun, loving environment that helps your children feel church is a happy place where they are loved. Learn more about Worship Care at LifeWay.

We also Provide a Kidz Church for your Elementary Aged Kids during both Services.  Children Grades K – 5 have a KidSized time of learning and fun giving you peace of mind while you worship!

When Should I arrive2018-06-04T23:41:36-04:00

What should I Wear?

Simply, whatever you like. Don’t give a second thought to what you’re wearing. We’re more concerned with meeting your real life needs than what you wear. So dress in whatever you feel comfortable in and just relax and enjoy being around friends. So, blue jeans and business suits are all welcome!  (No birthday suits – PLEASE!) Everyone has their own style, so you will notice everything from slacks and ties to jeans and t-shirts.  It’s a mixture that shows our uniqueness and freedom to be who God created us to be!

How do I get to LifeWay Church?2018-06-04T23:41:36-04:00

LifeWay Church is conveniently located at 2462 S. Park Ave. It’s just a few short minutes away.   Click here to see a  map.


Will I have to stand up in front of people or introduce myself?2013-04-26T23:29:25-04:00

Guests are never called upon or pointed out, so don’t worry about being embarrassed.  We understand what it is like to be in a new church! So while the people at LifeWay are genuinely interested in getting to know you and want to make you feel welcome, we will never call on you or embarrass you in any way. You can relax and enjoy meeting people at your own pace.  Those parts of the service that you may not be familiar with are explained each Sunday morning, so you don’t need to be concerned about not knowing when to sit, pray, stand, or what to do next.

What is the Preaching like?2013-04-26T23:29:19-04:00

If you attend one of our services, you will hear the truths of God’s Word presented passionately, clearly, and lovingly in ways that will make sense to you. Come expecting to learn something from Pastor Gerald’s biblical messages that can be applied to your everyday living.  What you learn on Sunday, you’ll be able to use throughout the week and know that it came from the Bible.

What kind of music do you have?2013-04-26T23:29:14-04:00

We believe that God has inspired people throughout the ages to write hymns and songs of praise and that He continues to inspire musicians from all generations to write music that praises Him and brings glory to His name.  The focus of all of our worship experiences is to bring glory to God and to support and encourage every worshipper in their journey of faith. It is our desire to provide a passionate, contemporary and upbeat style of music. We also blend our music with a balance of worshipful and meditative songs to help people connect with God in an intimate way. We are a contemporary-styled church, but we value the “old hymns” as well.  Most of all, we strive for our worship to be real – a reflection of our hearts for God.

What kind of church is LifeWay?2013-04-15T22:56:02-04:00

LifeWay Church is Bible based, and Jesus is the central focus. We are affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.

What are LifeGroups?2018-06-04T23:41:37-04:00

Click here for a complete description…

How do I contact the Church?2018-06-04T23:41:37-04:00

By phone: (407) 330-0549; By Email:  i…@lifeway.cc or  by Mail: 2462 S. Park Ave, Sanford, FL 32771 (Contact Us)

What if I have a Prayer Request or Praise Report?2018-06-04T23:41:37-04:00

There are several convenient ways to get your Prayer Request to our Prayer Partners:      – Use our Online Prayer Request section of this site to submit a request.    – Fill out the Connection Card  on Sundays (specify if private)    – Send an email to: prayer@LifeWay.cc   -   Contact the church office at (407) 330-0549 Please keep us informed on your request and praise report!

Who should I contact to have my child dedicated?2013-04-26T23:28:45-04:00

One of our most favorite things to do at LifeWay, is to dedicate children to the Lord! To schedule a date to have your child dedicated, contact Pastor Gerald at (407) 330-0549, and he will work out an appropriate date.

Who should I contact if I want to be baptized?2018-06-04T23:41:38-04:00

We regularly have baptismal services at LifeWay Church, to find out when the next service is, contact the church office at (407) 330-0549. If you would like more information on what baptism is, check the appropriate box on the “Connection Card” or simply let us know today online of your interest to take your next step of baptism.

How do I become a member?2018-06-04T23:41:38-04:00
What do you believe about God, the Bible and stuff like that?2018-06-04T23:41:38-04:00

Great question! If you know much about Christianity, our belief system would be similar to most evangelical churches. We believe there is one God made up of the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We believe the Bible is God’s Word and that it is useful for applying to our lives in the 21st Century. We believe that God loved people like you and us so much that he sent Jesus to teach us and then to save us from our sins.

If you don’t agree with these beliefs, that’s okay! You are still welcome at LifeWay. We want to help people see why these beliefs are important and can actually aide you in your daily life. Keep in mind that we aren’t going to be changing our beliefs on these important areas, but we aren’t afraid to talk about them with you either. If you want to know the nitty gritty of our eternal values just click on this link and enjoy the read!

You will find LifeWay Community Church to be a loving church where freedom in Christ is practiced. But, at the same time, you can rest in knowing that we are also a church that holds unswervingly to God’s precious Word in order to provide a solid anchor for your family during these changing times.

Still Have Questions?2018-06-04T23:41:39-04:00

Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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