Vmix.com is a low cost highly professional church streaming program for PC. Entrance level pricing is only $60


Sermon.net is a fully customizable streaming solution to host your church service stream. Entrance Level pricing is $15 per month.


OBSProject.com is a free multi-platform streaming solution for PC & MAC.


You will need a capture device to capture the video from you HDMI camera source. Depending on the output of your camera you may need an adapter to full size HDMI… But here are two HDMI Capture solutions: Click for Amazon Link:

Another link if previous is sold out

If you go with the black magic device, it is not always plug and play. You will need to make sure it is set to the same resolution as your camera. ie. 1280×720 or 1920×1080 or 720×480 etc


In order to get a clear sound and not sound as if coming from camcorder, you need to get the audio from your sound board. Here is a low cost option for most sound boards.


There is a simpler way if you don’t want to go the above way. You can simply:

1, Use your Phone to stream to facebook live.

2. Put your phone on a  tripod near the front row.

3. Start the facebook live stream and away you go.