LifeWay Women Presents Heather Holleman: Author, Teacher, and Speaker. Join us for a special event as we seek to find our seat at the Greatest table with the Greatest King!

“In this seat in the heavenly realms with Jesus, you can be free from self-consciousness, from comparing yourself to others, and from being so preoccupied with whether you have a seat at the table that you’re missing the incredible life in Christ that could be yours. I write to you as one healed of shame, narcissism, and self-promotion. write to you as one healed of loneliness and jealousy. I write to you as one so transformed by taking my seat in the heavenly realms that those dearest to me—those who know me best—have said, “What has happened to you, Heather? What has changed in you? You are finally free.” I am finally free.”

Heather Holleman, Author, Teacher, and Speaker